“If you think of music as a moving, changing form, and painting as a still form, what I’m trying to do is make very still music and paintings that move. I’m trying to find in both of those forms, the space in between the traditional concept of music and the traditional concept of painting.”


Brian Eno is an English musician, composer, record producer and visual artist. He is known across the world as one of the principal innovators of generative painting and of ambient music, the genre he defined.  Eno’s artwork is dedicated almost exclusively to the possibilities provided by the medium of light and his installations of sound and vision have been redefining the world’s iconic architectural spaces since the late 1970s. His work is shown regularly; from Tokyo to Cape Town, from Rio de Janeiro to New York and from London to Madrid.


Given the extremely rare invitation to exhibit on the Sydney Opera House in 2009, Eno utilised technological innovation to project his 77 Million paintings onto the building’s emblematic sails. His creation, a painting that continually evolves at an almost imperceptible rate of change so that it uniquely dissolves into and defines each passing moment, attracted thousands of visitors every night. The crowds drawn by slowly unfolding combinations of shape and colour that could never  be repeated made the installation one of the most photographed views in Sydney in the history of the city. Eno as since gone on to project onto the monumental Arcos da Lapa in Rio de Raneiro, the Palazzo Te in northern Italy and the enormous radio telescope at Jodrell Bank, England.


"By allowing ourselves to let go of the world that we have to be part of every day, and to surrender to another kind of world, we're freeing ourselves to allow our imaginations to be inspired."


Eno exhibits his art widely across the world the 77 Million Paintings piece alone shown in over thirty galleries world-wide which is also permanently displayed in Austria and England. His other work using light, his Light Boxes are on permanent display in various locations in Europe, either in the hands of institutions or private collectors.


In recent years, Eno has been showing one of his audio installations,  The Ship,  based on his 2016 album of the same name. He describes the materials used as "Speakers & Light".


As well as his early recordings with Roxy Music, Eno has released 25 studio albums, 13 compilation albums, 26 collaborative albums. He has produced 43 albums including those by U2, Coldplay, Talking Heads and James. Eno has co-written with David Bowie, U2, Karl Hyde, Coldplay, Grace Jones and Robert Fripp and worked with Paul Simon along with many other of the world’s most influential musicians.

As a composer, Eno has written for many film and television productions (his track Another Green World was the title music for BBC’s flagship Arts programme Arena) and he composed the start sound for Microsoft Windows 95. He has written three music-based apps for iPhone, Bloom, Trope and Scape.


Brian Eno lives and works in London.